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The Advantages of payAWS - subDomains - and Contact Us?

Secure Online Processing at an affordable price. An Inexpensive and manageable subdomain presence. A Contact support system that rivals all competition. Below you'll get an overview of the advantages of the entire payAWS package.
payAWS Advantage #1 - Out-of-Pocket-Costs: There is no such thing as FREE!
One of the major selling points of payAWS "Sub-Domains" over the competition is the reduction in initial out-of-pocket setup costs that are normally associated with new or upstart e-commerce ventures. Most of you are probably familiar with these costs but, let us outline them for the newbies you would be referring out there that may be unaware of what is required to market online.

1. They gotta have a web site! Really? This comes as no suprise, and if everyone could build their own website you wouldn't be in business.
For a professionally designed website with e-commerce capabilities a designer can charge as much as $5,000. Sure, your referrals could slap together a cookie-cutter site at one of those "Build-Your-Own" companies and add a buy button, but would it really stand-out as a professional looking site? Probably not! If it was that easy, those sites wouldn't try to upgrade you to their Deluxe web building services at $30-$40 per month. Inevitably your referrals would end up seeking you or someone like you for site building services.

With payAWS, you as an affiliate are rewarded for marketing our products by the Preferred Affiliates Program. Once your referrals realize they need help, they will need a person of your skills, and we of course will refer them back to you as a preferred affiliate and you in turn generate your business by generating our business. Makes sense, right.

2. They have to be a "SECURE" site with an SSL certificate, which is at minimally an additional $70.
Truth is you can't sell online without one. They would need to purchase a certificate at a company like GeoTrust®, RapidSSL® or somewhere similar. Some certificates can cost as much as $1000.00. WOW! (The good thing is they are valid for a year, so even if their website fails they would still own a certificate. Great?). We initially supply a Safe Secure Certificate, so this step is unnecessary to start.

3. They need a "Merchant Account" at a Banking Institution in order to receive and process their payments.
With payAWS the costs are more affordable:
1. The Merchant Account is still $175.00, but our provider PNC rebates $150.00 after your first online order. So, $25.00 instead of $200.00
2. Your sub-Domain is $4.99 per month but not limited to 1 or 2 pages. You're simply limited by bandwidth. Another PLUS.
3. As a sub domain, they use our SSL certificate until they can afford their own. Another Savings.
4. So a lot less out of pocket costs to start and as their business grows then they can afford the luxuries.
5. The good news for you as an affiliate is that as their needs grow, payAWS refers the customers back to you for their added needs.

payAWS Advantage # 2 - "Anonymously Try Before You Buy" - What a Concept!
You ever notice, with most "Website" and "Payment Gateway Service" sites, that you have to give them your complete personal family history, and your entire financial profile before you can even try their product? Aggravating, isn't it? We at payAWS, thought of a better way.

1. You can fully test our "Cart" capabilities and "Payment Services", and the only thing you have to disclose is an email address.
    (It doesn't even have to be a legitimate one).
2. Prospects can signup and test away and never divulge anything about themselves.
3. Once satisfied and they like our product, then they go through the account setup verfication and truly become a customer.
    (Try that at your Big Box Site Builders.)
4. Your referrals are far less likely to run away if they are not forced into signing up before they are happy. Thus a better return rate for your referrals.

payAWS Advantage # 3 - "Preferred Affiliates Program" - You're First in Line!
With almost all "Website" and "Payment Gateway Service" sites, once they have your referral, they are finished with you. Not at payAWS! We want you to continually feed us new business, so we continually feed you return business. The "Preferred Affiliate Program" does just that. We prefer that you service your referrals. We aren't selling our website building service, because we don't have one. That's your business, and that's what you do for a living, so we send them back to you. You profit from servicing and creating their site, as well as any other service you may provide.

1. You always get your return referrals. You refer them , you service them.
2. As your reputation increases, you rank higher on referrals from anonymous sources. You're the best, so we want to reward you.
3. Rank in the top 5 and we even promote you on our sites. How about that?

payAWS Advantage # 4 - "Contact Us" - Miles ahead of the competition!
The "Contact Us" service adds a level of support that is unheard of in small companies these days, for both you and your customers. As a small company, you can neither afford nor sustain a 24 hour support system, other than a FAQ online service. It is just not possible. But, what if you could respond to support inquiries within an hour during normal business hours, and next day if after hours. You would be miles ahead of your competition.
Well, that's what "Contact Us" has the capability of offering you and your customers. A 1 hour response to legitimate support needs is possible, and customizable forms through "Contact Us PLUS" for advanced needs. Soon we will add secure filtering, so no need to sift through the endless pile of marketing and garbage mail.
Now - you can purchase ContactUS as a separate add-on even if you don't use our sub-Domain service! Just $2.00/ month