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Rapid Response Service™ - RRS

When Arlington Web Services (AWS) was testing and perfecting the Pageville Shopping Cart in the late 1990’s, we all worked in a local office. We had two installed phone lines, one for voice and one for the fax machine. A person knowledgeable about our product answered over 90% of incoming phone calls. The closure rate for our Shopping Cart product was over 70% to those where the calls were answered live. We had, at that time, the only Plug In for Microsoft Front Page and the only listing in CNET for that service. Thousands of users downloaded, installed and tested the product. There was no time limit on how long a person could test our service. Many tested for several months before calling or purchasing. The only thing they could not do prior to paying for our service was retrieve credit card information, so they could not finish their transactions.
Present Day - Why RRS?:
We have created a new product labeled payAWS. We have deferred marketing this service due to our previous experiences. During development, we have talked with many random people, and a vast majority of them stated they would be hesitant to purchase from a company they could not reach by telephone for support and assistance. There are several reasons why this could happen in today’s business environment, but the most prevalent reason is because they are a small company with limited staff, the costs to maintain a traditional 24 hour support service are exorbitant, or they have an un-manned office. Currently our office is void of staff 95% of the time. This model applies to many large companies as well today. If you attempt to call support at AT&T or Microsoft, the first thing they do is inform you that in order to speak with a live person you must agree to pay $35.00 per hour and then they will talk to you. I believe in making the claim that we will respond to support inquiries generally within 1 hour is highly marketable. We are currently Beta testing the technology to make this a reality.
The Technology Side of Rapid Response Service:
The process will be quite simple as the call will come into our support number and a pre-recorded message will inform the caller that we will return their call within 24 hours, providing they leave a detailed voice message. They will also be informed that if they were to visit our website and submit through our Contact Us service, that a high percentage of the time we will respond within 1 hour. At the conclusion of the call we will automatically send them a text message with the same information, making it much easier to grab the URL to go to our website to Contact us and submit it in writing.

Note* It is proven to be easier to communicate their support needs in writing with limited interruptions, allowing user to compose message when it is convenient for them.

Example of Text Message Response from CallFire®:

Arlington Web Services received a support call from you at 5:00 pm today. We typically respond to phone calls within 24 hours. A higher percentage of the time, we respond to Contact us submissions through our website within 1 hour, during normal business hours. For a rapid response, go to us and submit your request online.
As stated, we are currently in the office less than five percent of the time. Our Vonage VOIP service processes all incoming calls and rejects calls where Caller ID is blocked and it informs the caller as to the reason for rejection. The calling phone numbers and name (when available) are included in emails Vonage sends. The list of email addresses receiving the Vonage emails must include our processing email address. Our software will send a text message to caller’s phone in minutes. The text message can be like the below “Example of Text Message” or can say “I am at a conference and will not respond to phone calls until DATE but will respond to Contact Us posts within a day”. You can write and update the active text message..

We have perfected a ContactUS© process that will send an email to upwards of five support email addresses once the person proves they are human. A Team will monitor and process individual support requests at that point. Soon as we complete the below PHP project we will have one of the emails go to an email address that will be accessed and managed using IMAP and PHP. A second php program on our server will move email between IMAP accounts and will extract and process email content. This keeps the cost of the service low as the process is automated, requiring no staff to monitor phones, saving you costly payroll hours and your only outlay is either the price of a Vonage phone service, roughly $30.00 per month or an XFINITY(Comcast Service)and the $3.99 per month fee for our Rapid Response Service. Saving you hundreds of dollars over a yearly basis.
Test the Process...

Rapid Response Service is in final stages and ready for testing without your need to pay us a penny. The process is still in infancy and there will be some bugs but will soon be complete once the project detailed on the right is fully implemented. But in the meantime there's enough of it working that you can fully understand the concept and see the big picture in action. You can now offer consistent Support with Live people that will rival even some of the big guys in the industry without near the cost of traditonal support systems.

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