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The great thing about payAWS is you can try the shopping cart and payment gateway system without any fees or costs, and the only information needed to get started is your Name, email and Zip Code. No first born son, no credit card number. Nothing! Click on the links below and you can test our cart using our secure test account, and see how the process works, with no obligation at all.
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Our Shopping Cart Experience...
In 1996 we created the Pageville Shopping Cart. We were cutting edge at the time as we used the only plugin for Microsoft Front Page. We had the credit card processed with card information going directly to the processing service. The card information except for the last four digits was never saved on our server and never delivered to our customers. That was and still is the preferred method today. When Front Page was discontinued we elected not to add operability with outside environments. The cart was at that time was fifteen years old. We discontinued service in January 2015.
The Birth of the "payAWS" Concept...
We began creating payAWS in 2015 for our own personal use, based on a lot of the fundamental principals and successes we had found in utilizing the Pageville Shopping Cart. The initial design plan was to develop a shopping cart just as comprehensive as before, yet only having limited features. During that modernization we decided to include many of the core features of the Pageville Cart to the payAWS system to support a full range of payment processing services. Our new payAWS system has all the benefits of the past but with a simpler format for our merchants. Feel free to browse our extensive site to determine, as many will, just how beneficial this new service can be to build your business.
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