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Processing Made Easy...

payAWS Templates: Product Branding.
payAWS makes it easy for you to integrate our system into your existing website, or create a new site with your unique concept in mind. A template form is provided to build your product pages in a pre-designed form, or you can customize it in your own web pages. The templates require you to adjust some field tags so as to tailor them to your individual product or services. These fields include ProductCode (the name of your product), ItemDescription (A short description of your product), and Price. We also supply some back end coding to make the process seamless. Support is available for those with limited website experience.
The Product Order Form...
The order form templates are simple but effective in that they supply the basics without the frills. You add your company and product logos, product codes, and descriptions, as well as price and quantity restrictions. The template gives you step by step instructions so as to eliminate erros. Once completed, you simply upload to your server and you're ready to start selling. Your customer can now pick a product, enter a quantity, click "Add To Cart", and off they go.
Customer Billing and Shipping Info...
After clicking "Add To Cart" an order form will display which will capture the product information and allow your customers to enter their personal data. You as a merchant will have the option as to what fields are required from buyers. All required buyer information fields will be marked required and verified before proceeding to Checkout. Entering Shipping information is optional in this as it is populated from billing. If the buyer unchecks “Shipping same as Billing Address”, then they will be required to enter that information before continuing. Our merchants will have option to disable this option when shipping address is not required. The “More Shopping” link will display if there are more than 1 product or pages available.
Checkout Procedures...
When the buyer clicks on the Checkout button, the payment options and input fields display. The customer enters their credit card information including expiration date and CVV (Card Verification Value) from the back of their card. This is a security option that is defaulted true during their setup process. A "Submit Payment" button will be available and must be clicked to proceed.
Submitting Payment and Options...
Our merchants can setup their Credit Card processing using one of two different options:
    (Must use this method unless they deliver merchandise immediately.
    Otherwise it is a violation of the Law.)
    (Must login to AuthorizeNet and Capture the sale after they deliver merchandise.)
When the buyer clicks on “Submit Payment” a unique order number is generated and the payment information is encrypted using the latest TLS security standards and sent directly to the Authorize.Net secure server. The transaction is processed and the result is returned to our secure server where payAWS extrapolates the information and records the result for future reports and viewing. The merchant can view these transactions through our Merchant Portal.
Order and Payment Validation...
An order is considered invalid if product, billing or required shipping information is missing or incomplete. If the payment information passes validation on our server, the payment will be submitted to the payment gateway for processing. If the processing service rejects or declines the payment, the next stage will be based upon the reasoning. If the payment is accepted a receipt is displayed that contains the order contents, and the transaction will be recorded on our server without any card information.
Wrapping Up...
Of course this doesn't explain everything, but it gives you enough to know that payAWS is state of the art without the junk that makes the biggies untouchable. We're plain Jane with an attitude to make your online ecommerce easy and respectable. Need more in-depth questions answered? Click the button below.
Arlington Web Services, Inc. BBB Business Review
Arlington Web Services, Inc. BBB Business Review

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