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Defining Team Members and Partnering.

What is a Team Member?
A team member is a short or long term associate of a company or organization. They may be an employee, which works for hourly wages, whereby the employer is responsible for taxes and government required distributions or a contractor which works independently from the company, yet receives compensation through a Form 1099 and is considered self-employed by the IRS.
At payAWS we generally require a Team Member to be a self-contracted entity that works with the company in a contracted role by which, although self-employed is bound by a contract to perform specific duties for the company. If interested in becoming a Team Member, simply fill out the Online Application  and we will get back to you after we review your submittance.
There is currently 1 opening available.
What is Partnering?
A partnership is a short or long term relationship between companies based on mutual trust and teamwork, and in a sharing of both risks and rewards. Partnership arrangements are aimed to focus on what each party does best, by sharing financial and other resources, and establishing specific roles for each participant. An ideal business partner helps to motivate progression in business strategies and execution, and aims to maximize economic goals for both parties.
At payAWS, we are always looking for partnering opportunities. Currently partnered with PNC Merchant Services and Authorize.Net, we are always open to new relationships with which to help our company grow and to offer services and expertise which may be beneficial to your business. If interested in an opportunity to grow with us, simply Contact payAWS with a short description or proposal, and we will return a response quickly.

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