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What is necessary to setup my Authorize.Net Account?

Connecting your website to a payment processing network is exceptionally difficult and typically beyond the expertise and technical resources of most online merchants. payAWS has streamlined this setup process significantly, allowing us to navigate the often stressful account setup procedure, and leaving the day to day maintenance to you. Accomplishing this yet, all the while still providing you with ongoing support as needed.

The Authorize.Net Payment Gateway system, although separate from payAWS, is partnered with and accessed through payAWS, as an Authorize.Net reseller. This partnership enables payAWS to provide the expertise and efficiency to reliably setup your Gateway account. This union also affords us the understanding of the complex infrastructures of the payment gateway process so as to ensure fast, secure transmission and processing of your transaction data. payAWS eliminates the merchant experience from initial account setup and allows the Merchant to progress at their own pace, while continuing to maintain the overall payment process for you.

With Authorize.Net as your Payment Gateway, the processor of your customers payment transactions, it is of course an intricate part of the transaction process. Partnering payAWS, your information processor, and your Merchants Account provider, we can assure you a smooth and care-free setup and maintenance. Further questions may be directed to Contact Us at Support Services.

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