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"payAWS Advantage Plan"

Updated September 4th, 2016
Pricing Guideline¹
PNC Bank Merchant Account Fee:
Monthly Fee: $15.00
Billed to Merchant
Authorize.Net / payAWS Fees:
Gateway Fee¹:
Monthly Fee: $20.00
Transaction Fee:
Card per Transaction: .30
Batch Fee:
per Batch Fee: .10
"payAWS Advantage Plan" requires an Authorize.Net account
setup through payAWS reseller program by payAWS.
If you already have an Authorize.Net account,
or set up your own account then,
"Standard Pricing Plan" would apply.
Authorize.Net Value-Added Fees:
Automated Recurring Billing:
$20.00 per month
Advanced Fraud Protection:
$5.00 Monthly
Customer Information Manager (CIM):
$9.95 Monthly
² Each account is unique in its setup and business structure,
and the exact fee schedule is defined during the application and
approval process. If you have concerns regarding the amount or structure
of your monthly gateway fees, please contact payAWS.
Card Authentication Fee†:
Monthly Fee: $20.00
†Verified by Visa (VbV) or MasterCard® SecureCode™.
VbV and SecureCode are security programs created by the card associations
to provide identity authentication for Visa and MasterCard cardholders,
and transaction protection for merchants.

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