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How do I signup to be a Merchant with payAWS?

The first step in the process is setting up a payAWS merchant ID. All payAWS merchant IDs are comprised of three uppercase initials (ABC). All IDs will of course be unique. In the event your ID is already appropriated by someone else, one or two digits will be appended to the end.(Ex. ABC12) Prospective merchants will go to Merchant Signup and enter their unique ID, their zip code, and a four-digit PIN of their choice, that serves as their temporary identity until further steps are completed.
The second step is acquiring a "Merchant Account". We partner with "PNC Bank" to provide this service for you. The prospective merchant must open a PNC merchant account. (Details of this step is in the PNC section.) You will need to fill in the Merchant Pre-qualification Form in order to start the application process. You must provide all information as it is necessary to setup both your PNC Merchant Account and Authorize.Net Payment Gateway account. Once the application process is complete and we have received an approval, then we have everything needed to progress to stage 3.
The third step requires setting up your Authorize.Net Payment Gateway account. This is needed as Authorize.Net actually processes the payment transactions. There is additional information needed to finish this stage. A Banking Integration Form is required to provide funding and distribution information for your account at Authorize.Net Banking Integration Form located here. Once this information is acquired, payAWS will setup your gateway account and email you the account data and require you to select or refuse certain options available to you from Authorize.Net. Once those options are input, you are ready to proceed.

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