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Merchant, why payAWS?

With so many payment processing options out there today, what makes payAWS a potential choice for your online business? Well, let's start with we, unlike some other industry leaders, have a merchant mentality when it comes to online commerce. Let us explain. You sell online for one reason: to make a sale and receive money. Wait! Guess that's actually two. Anyways, the concept of holding your money in a "baby buggy bumper" account is ludicrous. As a merchant, you make a sale, you expect funds, and you decide how to best utilize your money. With payAWS, your money is in your bank account the next business day. NO playing around, NO holding your funds, NO waiting for days to access your money. It's there, you can buy more inventory, you can pay some overhead expenditures, or whatever, it doesn't matter. Later on, if you do have a chargeback request, the arbitration process favors your right to a fair response without freezing your accounts and causing loss of business due to an isolated incident. Once again, protecting your business.
Another reason is our ease of use. payAWS has simple front-end integration process that makes for easy setup and implementation. payAWS understands that time is money and we offer a straight-forward design and integration that in many instances can be setup in less than 60 minutes. Our coding snippets can be added to your existing website or with your affiliate's support, they can design you a website or help with your setup needs.
If you are thinking of becoming a Merchant or have already signed up, then you already have a working knowledge of and understand the principles of the online process after customers decide to buy your products or services. With payAWS, it is simple. We capture your customers order, process your order payment, send you a receipt with your order detail, and that's it. Fill your order, finish your sale, you're done. Next day, money is in the bank!
The processing and general fees are competitive with the industry. We have you, the merchant, foremost on our priority list. We have support 24/7 through our website, and if you have a specific problem, our support staff can reach to you live usually within an hour during business times. It's a simple choice. payAWS cares! We're small enough to listen to your needs! Contact us for more details.

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