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What is required to become an Affiliate?

If you are thinking of becoming an affiliate or a merchant, you already should have a working knowledge of web page design and understand the principles of migrating through the processes after customers decide to buy products or services.
Our affiliate program is designed with even the fledgling web builder in mind. We expect web design capabilities, since part of your compensation is servicing and supporting Merchants that you have brought to our system. You should possess the ability to integrate our links and resources into yours and prospective merchants web sites as well as some working knowledge of basic programming, such as php, javascript, html5 and css3. Marketing and Social Media skills are a plus, as this will increase your prospective traffic to our products.

payAWS makes it simple, because we already provide the basic coding for entering our portal, tracking orders, ensuring affiliates get their compensation, and merchant receive and can fulfill their orders. We provide the necessary resources, so you merely have to add the snippets and other resources such as banners, ad images or customized links to your new or existing website and the magic begins. payAWS takes care of the rest and only returns to you what is necessary to complete your tasks. The rest is done on the back end by payAWS and you’re done.

We hope that gives you an idea of what we are expecting of you as an affiliate. If you need more help on this matter, please feel free to contact us. If you think you have what it takes to drive sales and earn good commissions, then fill out our short Affiliate Application Form and we will get you a quick response within 48 hours.

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