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What is payAWS SubDomains?
payAWS SubDomains are exactly what they state they are, a domain hosted under the umbrella. What does that mean for you? Basically, we save you money hosting your site on our servers. You don't have to purchase a full hosting package which can run upwards of $29.99 per month plus we eliminate the added expense of a secure site certificate, if you want to take payments over the internet utilizing payAWS™. A minimum of a $69.99 value, because we supply use of our certificate as well. Even more savings. Because of our affiliatiation with PNC Bank, we supply access to a merchant account and the cost is only $25.00 for an entire year, saving you even more, as a merchant account can run upwards of $30.00 per month or higher, depending on where you go to purchase a package. So, when adding all that up, we can save you over $700.00 in startup costs. That aside, you can get an online presence for a fraction of the cost of a traditional setup.
What do I get with a payAWS SubDomain?
For $4.99 per month, you get 5 GB/month of bandwith on our server.(*99% of websites use less than 5 GB per month) You also get 100 GB of storage (Average less than 50 GB). This relates to upwards of 100 web pages (Average 1MB-2MB) and upwards of 50 images. With an average of 3000 views per day it is still within the 5 GB threshold. You can use that space in any way you desire. Create your own web pages or have one of our affiliates design the pages for you. (Additonal Fees apply). This is more than sufficient to start an online e-commerce site for most small businesses. Follow this link to see a Live Example of a working website.
How easy is it to setup an account?
The process is painless and easy. We help you apply for the PNC Merchant account. We supply an SSL certificate and a subdomain. We supply the templates to take online payments through payAWS™ and Authorize.Net®, which rivals the costs of use PayPal® and even we even supply some marketing tools to get you started.
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