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Create a Buy Button in minutes:

Buy Now Design

Buy Now buttons can be created and updated by the merchant or a web designer.
Merchants do not need to understand code to do this.
Merchants can save lots of money by 'just do it'
Merchant ID * Enter your three initials here.
Zip Code * Merchant's Zip or Postal Code.
Product Code Your Product ID - No spaces permitted
Deposit Account * Optional
Product Description
Units Purchased
Security Options * Security Options - See sidebar.
Security Level * Security Level - See sidebar.
Authorize Only * Option - See sidebar.
Agent * Tom T Hall for testing
Display HTML Code Display * Columns

* Fields with an asterisk will be hidden on display.
Merchant ID:  This must be individuals three initials or an
organizations initials. You must add one to four
digits if initials are already taken.
Example: HVPTA for Harper Valley PTA
Security Level:  0 - Expiration and CVV only
1 - Expiration, CVV and Zip Code
2 - Expiration, CVV, Zip Code and Street
3 - Expiration, CVV, Extended Zip Code and Street
More Info on Security
Security Options:  1 - Expiration and CVV only
2 - Two Step Security
4 - Require email
8 - Two Small Random Charges
The variable Security Options is binary.
The value is 5 to turn options 1 and 4 on.
Authorize Only:  You should use Authorize Only when you receive
credit card payment and there will be a delay
before you send product or perform service.
Display HTML Code:  The HTML code needed for a Buy Now button
will display if you check this box. You can
adjust the column width by changing no. of pixels.